Empty Vessel & Mystical Abode

China Tour 2017

with Solala Towler & Jessica Kolbe

Hangzhou, Wudang Shan, Beijing

May 14th through 30th

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Join us on our travels to the Sacred Wudang Mountains — home of Taoist Tai Chi, Qigong, and martial arts. We'll study with Master Zhou Jin Bo, visit Taoist Temples, and enjoy the beauty of this national park. We'll begin our journey in the garden city of Hangzhou, where we'll visit tea plantations, the Museum of Chinese Medicine, and Buddhist and Taoist Temples. We'll conclude our trip in Chengdu, enjoying their famous hot pot meals, visiting the Taoist Temple (Qingyang Palace), the Panda Park, and other sites.

It will be a spiritual and cultural tour that you won't soon forget.

Please email below if you're interested in joining us. Don't delay as remaining available space is limited.

Cost is:
  $6250 all-inclusive double occupancy
  $7250 all-inclusive single occupancy

Please return to check for updates.

At left, our teacher Master Zhou.

  Tour Leaders: Solala Towler and Jessica Kolbe

Tour leaders: Solala Towler and Jessica Kolbe

Solala@AbodeTao.com www.abodeTao.com

Jessica@JessicaTaiChi.com www.qigongsb.com