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September 9: Meet in either SF or LA (TBD) for a pre trip dinner. Stay in a hotel close to the airport and rest before the 12 hour plane trip.

September 10: Board our plane and fly to Shanghai.

September 11: Arrive in Shanghai, board our bus for a 2½ hour bus ride to Hangzhou. At the Hangzhou hotel have a late dinner around 8 pm, and a good night's sleep.

September 11-14: Hangzhou. While in Hangzhou we will visit the tea plantation where the famous Dragon Well (Lung Jing) tea is grown as well as the Chinese Medicine Museum, the Lingyin Buddhist temple with all its fabulous sculptures, do qigong at the beautiful West Lake and take in an amazing show by the famous Chinese film director Zhang Yimou called West Lake Impressions, which takes place on the lake!

September 14-23: travel to Wudang where we study Qigong and Tai Chi with Master Zhou Jin Bo, explore the Daoist Temples, visit a cave dwelling monk, tea tastings, visit parks, see incredible beauty and hopefully monkeys!

September 23-28: Travel to Chengdu. Explore the Bronze Goat Palace, visit a Panda Park where we'll see Giant Pandas and Red Pandas, eat hot pot and other local Sichuan dishes.

September 28, Friday: Fly home

Daily Itinerary will come shortly

All along the way there will be time for reflection, sharing, exploring, eating incredible food, learning and practicing qigong and making new friends! We will be learning a special form of qigong and meditation in the mountains of Wudang, home for centuries of Taoist martial arts and qigong masters.




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